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If you’re responsible for communicating with students, staff, parents and local residents about your school, you need MSPRA - even if “communication” is not part of your job title, or falls under “other duties as assigned” in your primary role. As an MSPRA member, you will be part of one of the most highly recognized school public relations chapters in the country. Within our ranks are award winning, highly-qualified professionals who are eager to support their fellow communicators.

Link with others to get help!

As a member of MSPRA, you will connect with other professionals in school communication. If you have a question or an issue, there is a bank of experienced colleagues that you can call.

You can join this organization of professional communicatiors, who, like yourself, are concerned about school/community relations and the role it plays in student success.

Member Benefits

Professional Development: Reduced registration rates at MSPRA seminars and conferences, designed especially for communicators concerned with the future of education in Michigan.

Daily News Feed:  Often featuring bellwether education-related stories that are making headlines in Michigan (and/or the nation) delivered to your inbox every morning. 

Resources: Our members-only collection of public relations resources are contributed by members for members.

Awards: An annual event open to all members for a minimal fee. Each entry receives a complete evaluation.

Listserv: You can access the skills and expertise of our entire membership with just a few keystrokes.

Choose Your Membership 

Professional Membership $125

Available to anyone who is a member of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) and/or has school public relations responsibilities in Michigan.

Retired/Associate Membership $20

Available to anyone who has been an active member of MSPRA for at least five years, and who is no longer providing public relations services to schools in Michigan. Retired members maintain all rights of Professional Membership.

Student Membership $20

May be held by anyone who is currently studying in a Michigan post-secondary communications, public relations, journalism or allied program. Student members may not vote or hold office. A student who is a member of NSPRA shall retain the rights of Professional Membership.

Business/Vendor Membership $95

Available to any business organization or vendor. Business/Vendor members are ineligible to serve as MSPRA officers or Executive Board members.

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Consider Joining an MSPRA Committee

Membership on an MSPRA committee provides new opportunities to network with your fellow professionals as well as gain additional knowledge. 

Awards and Recognition

Elevates the practitioner and school public relations by identifying and recognizing professional school communicators and their districts through the MSPRA School Communicator and Superintendent Communicator of the Year Awards, MSPRA Gold Medallion Award for programs and projects, constructive peer-review feedback on communication strategies and activities, APR (Accredited in Public Relations) Certification, and application to the National School Public Relations Association for the Distinguished Chapter Award. The Awards and Recognition Committee chairperson works with volunteers to coordinate committee activities.

Membership Services

MSPRA is here to serve the needs of its members. This committee focuses on welcoming and recruiting, using tools like the website, social media, outreach by region, and member resources such as peer-to-peer networking. The committee develops and implements ongoing programs to increase membership and retain existing members. The Membership Services Committee chairperson works with volunteers to address member needs.

Professional Development

As PR professionals in the world of education, we rarely get a chance to work with other experts in our field. Professional Development is critical for continuous learning, as well as networking with other school PR experts. This committee helps in the planning and implementation of the annual MSPRA conference and drive-in conferences on topics requested or needed by our members. The Professional Development Committee chairperson works with Professional Development Committee volunteers to plan events.


Electronic communication is the life blood of school communicators. Managing (and modeling) excellent digital media is essential to communicating with (and setting an example for) MSPRA members. This committee oversees the association’s website and social media accounts to provide information and engage its members. The Technology chairperson works with volunteers and members of other committees to coordinate and deliver relevant and timely digital content on a variety of platforms

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Why should you join MSPRA?

Just ask our members:

"I can not imagine working in school PR without my MSPRA membership. From hot-topic information to trusted colleagues who are always willing to share their knowledge, MSPRA is a key part of my work, professional development and personal growth."

Tom Gould
Director of Public Relations
Howell Public Schools


"When we found ourselves working on an urgent and sensitive communication issue, I reached out to my fellow MSPRA members and got input, suggestions and shared documents - it was all very helpful!  It was reassuring to know I was on the right path, yet my MSPRA colleagues were there to provide input I had not considered. Thank you!  I feel very supported."

Kaci Babineau
Marketing & Special Projects Coordinator
Jackson County Intermediate School District