Heading Back to School: 
What are the Key Questions You Need to Ask?

Join us on Tuesday, June 9 from noon-1 p.m. for MSPRA's next "Idea Hour"--a panel discussion on "Back to School:  The Key Questions You Need to Ask"

MSPRA President Karen Heath will moderate this free, virtual, interactive panel featuring PR colleagues who will each address the following questions:   

  • What is your district's plan/preparation for re-entry?
  • What processes are you using to develop your re-entry plan?
  • What is your role in the process as a school communicator?
  • What communication issues do you anticipate?
  • Have you been using other districts' plans for comparisons/benchmarks? If so, which ones?

Be sure to bring your questions too!

There is no charge for this professional development offering but registration is required.

Registration will be open until 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. 
NOTE:  Access information will be sent on your Confirmation/Invoice, once you register.

We hope to “see you” there. 

This no-fee MSPRA “Idea Hour” is made possible, in part, by our 2019-2020 investment partners:





2020 Annual Conference Receives High Marks

Thanks to those who attended MSPRA's Annual Conference, along with our presenters and investment partners.  While it was a fluid, one-day version of what we had planned (due to COVID-19), those who were able to attend found it highly valuable.


Since practicing responsible communication is more important now than ever, please stay in touch.  We're available virtually via MSPRA's member list serv and MSPRA's closed Facebook group. Plus, we have a Hot Topics section of this website and a virtual shared folder for locally-produced communication materials.


If you need support, reach out.  We're all in this together.



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