Message from the superintendent:  

I have only given three graduation speeches, all very short. The high school staff  makes the ceremony very student-oriented with several students’ speeches, music  performances, poetry, etc. During my short speech, I ask all former Wyandotte  Roosevelt graduates to stand and be recognized. A majority of the audience  stands!  

This year, I ordered patches with the Wyandotte logo on them to distribute to  staff to wear on navy blue blazers for graduation. This was well received by the  community and staff (about 1/5 of the staff attended).  

I thank parents for their efforts for the past 13 years, and tell them that their child  will be giving them a graduation card from me that evening (something I copied  from Livonia several years ago).  

In May, the Board waived Board Secretary status to allow any Board member to  sign diplomas of their own children or students that are special to them.  

Board members and administrators of children that graduate are on stage and  “stand in” for me or the high school principal to award their child’s diploma, with  lots of ‘oohs’ from the crowd.