Congressman XXXXXX

800 Ship Street, Suite 106


Dear Congressman XXXX:

Once again, I write to thank you for your independent leadership on an issue that affects over 2,000 children in (COUNTY), your support of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and House Resolution 976. Also, your commitment to ensuring that funding for Medicaid reimbursable expenses remains available at its current level through the end of the school year is greatly appreciated.

According to the Center for Medicaid Services, their decision to reduce funding was made in effort to “cut down on waste & abuse of limited Medicaid resources.” As you know, (NAME OF SCHOOL DISTRICT) serves as the Medicaid biller for county’s school districts. On behalf of the districts in which we serve, please know that we do not “waste” nor do we “abuse” those funds. If anything, we strive to be as fiscally responsible as possible. Last year alone, through Medicaid fee-for-service revenues, the ISD was able to return over $1.7 million dollars back to local school districts to help offset their own special education expenses. Should CMS still implement the rule that states that they will no longer pay for administrative and transportation costs for students receiving Medicaid reimbursable services, it will mean a loss of $250,000 in funding for the county, and therefore, a significant reduction in the amount of dollars we are able to return to schools.

Your support of the SCHIP legislation and its affiliated bills is much appreciated, however, is only a first step toward ensuring Michigan’s low-income and disabled children have access to care. Rules are still in place to reduce Medicaid funding after June 1, 2008, leaving our children’s futures in jeopardy.

Your vote in favor of these intiatives has made it possible for students to receive

consistent care and quality services that are critical to their development. It gives

me great confidence to know that we can count on you on this matter.