Dear Members of the (NAME OF DISTRICT) Community:

On (DATE) the (NAME OF DISTRICT) Board of Education voted to close its doors to students for the 2012-13 school year. This decision was made as a result of low enrollment for the upcoming academic year. While a difficult choice to make, the Board of Education remains committed to offering the children of this area the best educational opportunities available; even if it means having to look beyond the school district’s boundaries to receive a quality education. 

After coordinating resources over the past month with neighboring school districts and the (COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICT), cooperative agreements have been established for district students who do not already participate in the Schools of Choice program. Students in grades K-8 will now attend (NAME OF SCHOOL/DISTRICT) and those students in grades 9-12 will (NAME OF SCHOOL/DISTRICT). Pre-school students may enroll in any district provided there is space available and students meet eligibility guidelines.

The Board of Education is also considering reducing the district’s 7-member board to three members. The board will still meet monthly with its main charge being to create a process for the sale of district assets and to authorize such sales. Additionally, as is mandated by law, the board must appoint an acting superintendent to oversee the district even

though we will not be directly serving children. On (DATE) , the board appointed
XX XXXX, the superintendent of (COUNTY ISD) who will serve in that capacity at no cost to our school district.

The Michigan Revised School Code allows a school district to operate for three years without serving students before it must be annexed by a neighboring school district or be dissolved. In an effort to pay outstanding bond debt, the board will continue to levy and collect taxes and sell assets to promote an expedient payoff of the bond debt as well as any additional fees associated with the district’s pupil accounting appeal. Please have confidence that any expenses the district may incur over the next three years will be minimal and know that the board will be working diligently to settle its financial obligations within this time frame and before the district is closed permanently. We appreciate the community’s support during this transitional period.

As always, (NAME OF CLOSING DISTRICT) remains committed to excellence in all that we do. This includes ensuring that our children continue to have access to a quality education taught by highly qualified teachers and are able to continue on their path of academic achievement. On behalf of all the (NAME OF DISTRICT) family, we thank you for your understanding and look forward to watching our former students excel in their new school surroundings.

Should you have any questions regarding the district’s future or about your child’s academic transition, please do not hesitate to contact the district office at (PHONE NUMBER).


The (DISTRICT) Board of Education