Effective yesterday, School Board President (NAME), has resigned from her position on the (NAME OF SCHOOL DISTRICT) Board of Education. She did not indicate a reason for her resignation. The Board’s vice president will assume the presidential seat through the remainder of his term. 

(NAME) was elected to the Board in 2009. According to (SUPERINTENDENT) (NAME OF SCHOOL DISTRICT), an attorney with Thrun Law Firm will be available to explain the process for filling the vacated position during tonight’s Board of Education meeting. The Board of Education meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and will be held at the Senior High School in the Student Commons.

Michigan Public School’s Boards of Education have 30 days to appoint an individual to a vacated board seat. The appointed person will serve in that position as an interim board member for the remainder of the seat’s term. A new board member will then be elected to fill the vacated seat during the next regularly scheduled general election.