2014 Fall Drive-in

November 14, 2015

9:00-12:00 - Public Engagement in our Public Schools
1:00-4:00pm - Crisis Communication - Lessons Learned from Joplin
COST: $85 for full day, $45 for half day, $10 box lunch
Location: Washtenaw ISD


NSPRA Award Winner - Zac Rantz, Nixa Public Schools, comes to Michigan!

Communication is critical in our public schools and it starts with the superintendent and reaches to every member of a school community. Zac with share Nixa's journey to engage their community and crisis communication lessons learned after tornadoes struck the town of Joplin.

Zac Rantz

Zac Rantz is the Chief Communication Officer for Nixa Public Schools. Through the efforts of his superintendent and himself, Nixa was named top communication program in the nation in the 2014 Leadership Through Communication Award. Zac is national speaker on school communication and safety issues. He recently released "Hindsight: lessons learned from the Joplin tornado and other crisis events" as a way to share the knowledge gained on crisis preparation and planning as well as being a fundraiser for Joplin Schools.

The Fall Drive-in is generously sponsored by:

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