MSPRA 2018 Award deadline may 18, 2018

The Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA) is proud to announce the launch of its 2018 Awards! These prestigious, statewide recognition opportunities can bring positive promotion and communication credibility to your district and its leadership. We encourage you to take a few minutes and apply for one or more of the following prior to their May 18, 2018 deadline: 


  • Superintendent Communicator of the Year 2018  - MSPRA members may nominate any Superintendent
    Previous winners include Erin MacGregor - Howell Public Schools (2017) and Jamie Cain - Port Huron Schools (2016), Dr. Richard Machesky - Troy School District (2015)
  • Gold Medallion Award  - MSPRA or NSPRA members may nominate programs or projects
    Previous winners include Kent ISD Communication Team (2015)

    Questions: Please contact Keely Baribeau at or (810) 984-3101 x4021



Howell's ERin Macgregor named 2017-18 superintendent communicator 

Known for making connections with students, staff, parents, business and community members, Howell Public Schools' Superintendent Erin MacGregor has been named the 2017-18 Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA) Outstanding Superintendent Communicator of the Year. MacGregor was surprised with the award during the Howell Public Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday, November 13 when Gerri Allen, MSPRA executive director, presented the award. MacGregor's wife and three children were also present for the surprise. 

The award is presented annually and honors a school superintendent who demonstrates outstanding leadership in school public relations and communication by promoting both internal and external communication.

"I am very humbled and honored to receive the MSPRA Outstanding Superintendent Communicator award," said MacGregor. "I wholeheartedly believe that when we engage all of our district stakeholders, it creates a better learning environment and opens the door to new and exciting partnerships which benefit our students."

Since becoming Howell's superintendent in July 2015, MacGregor has launched a number of new communication initiatives. In his first year, MacGregor held several "Listen and Learn" sessions with students, staff, parents, and community members as part of a strategic planning process. He also delivered the first State of the District address. In addition, he began sending a biweekly e-newsletter to parents to share the news and events of the district. Last year, MacGregor formed a parent advisory committee, started an internal staff blog, began hosting quarterly Coffee Chats with district parents and community members and transitioned each building from a monthly newsletter to biweekly e-newsletters. He also identified and met a need to better communicate with the families of incoming kindergarten students.

Jason Schrock, Howell High School Principal said, "Since Superintendent MacGregor joined Howell Public Schools, the level of stakeholder engagement and communication has increased greatly. As a district employee and parent of four students in the district, I feel much more informed about our district and my children's schools thanks to the new communication methods he has put in place."

The Outstanding Superintendent Communicator of the Year Award  recognizes a practicing superintendent of schools or CEO of an education agency, service center, or intermediate unit for outstanding leadership in school public relations and communication. A committee comprised of two MSPRA executive board members, one MSPRA member, and a current or former superintendent selects the honoree.



Michelle Ready REceives 2017 Gerri Allen

school communicator AWard 

Michelle Ready, Director of Communications and Integrated Marketing for Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD), has been named the "2017 Gerri Allen Communicator of the Year" by the Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA). She is the first recipient of the new recognition that showcases a school communicator's abilities in planning, practice, leadership and service.

Ready received the surprise award at the October OAISD Board meeting. In nominating her for the honor, OAISD Superintendent Peter Haines said, "Michelle's professionalism, optimism, dedication and overall public relations skills have helped shape the extraordinary reputation for educational leadership that OAISD has today."

Noting her more than 20 years of demonstrated outstanding work, service and leadership in school communication, MSPRA Board Member Tom Scheidel said he was "pleased to present Michelle Ready with the much-deserved award on behalf of MSPRA."

The Gerri Allen Outstanding School Communicator Award annually recognizes a practicing Public Relations professional in a public school, district, educational agency, service center, or intermediate unit for outstanding leadership in school public relations and communications.

This provide a platforms for working PR professionals and members of the school community to recognize leaders in the school PR field and thank them for their service of advancing education through responsible communication. The Outstanding School Communicator Form  and accompanying materials are due each spring. The winner and nominator will be recognized at the annual MSPRA conference. Help us recognize those who share what is right about public education by nominating a school PR professional.


Gold Medallion award Overview

MSPRA Gold Medallion Awards recognize outstanding programs or projects that advance responsible school communication.  The awards are open to NSPRA or MSPRA members.

Entries may come from public and private schools, education groups, regional MSPRA groups, and any public relations agency or private business serving such education entities.

Entries must be presented electronically and organized in the logical order of Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.  Each entry will be judged on clarity of concept, good writing and evidence of objective evaluation of the project/program. For more details, see the 2018 Gold Medallion Entry Form


mspra Awards

Superintendent Communicator of the Year
Gerri Allen School Communicator of the Year 
Gold Medallion Award

2017-18 Superintendent Communicator

 Erin MacGregor 2017-18 Supt Comm of Year cropped

Erin MacGregor received the 2017-18 Superintendent of the Year Award from MSPRA Executive Director Gerri Allen.


2017 School Communicator of the Year


Michelle Ready, Ottawa Area ISD, receives the 2017 Gerri Allen School Communicator of the Year Award from MSPRA and NSPRA Board Member Tom Scheidel.


The National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) also offers communication awards. _____________________________________ 



Communication Contest Award History

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