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MSPRA is an Exemplary Chapter
Only one of six in the nation

MSPRA has been named an Exemplary Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) for the 10th year in a row! Only six NSPRA chapters were so honored this year. The recognition is a wonderful birthday gift as our members continue to celebrate our 60th Anniversary. This achievement is the result of winning two Mark of Distinction Awards, one for Professional Development and one for Collaboration. Michigan is the only chapter to receive two awards. MSPRA leaders will receive the awards at NSPRA's Annual Seminar in Washington, D.C. in July.

Registration open for June 18 Drive-In Conference

MSPRA's June 18, 2019 Drive-In Conference is now open for registration.

You'll want to attend this highly-valued session about these critical topics.

"Diversity, Equity & Cultural Sensitivity for School Communicators" with Dr. Jay Marks, Diversity and Equity Consultant with Oakland Schools. This day-long training session will be packed with practical tips and strategies for communicating about diversity and equity in your everyday work. Plus, you'll learn how to help facilitate community conversations around these essential subjects.

Read the complete program description.

Register by June 13, 2019.

April 26, 2019
MDE Hosting Educator Workforce Job Fairs

Get Connected!

Developing, supporting and sustaining a high-quality, prepared and collaborative education workforce is a high priority of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). That’s why MDE is targeting this Top 10 in 10 Strategic Goal by hosting three Educator Workforce Job Fairs across the state to connect job seekers and those hiring teachers, subs, bus drivers, custodians, paras, secretaries, admins and any other education-related positions.

December 13, 2018
School Finance Research Collaborative Offers Toolkit

The School Finance Research Collaborative has a communication toolkit that is available for use on its website. It is updated periodically with new information and documents.  Visit their School Fiannce Research Collaborative for the most current information about the Collaborative's work and how you can help communicate about it.

Mark of Distinction

MSPRA is proud to have earned the following National School Public Relations Association Marks of Distinction as an Exemplary Chapter:


  • Year-round Program
  • Coalition Building


  • Year-round Program


  • Year-round Program


  • Year-round Program


  • Year-round Program


  • Year-long Program


  • Professional Development/PR Skill-Building


  • Professional Development/PR Skill-Building